Automated Food Control Plan

Your diary is built in real-time, as the information coming from your staff and sensors is received by our servers.

You chose what data you want to share with your verifier and how you share it. Our online FCP is structured to match the official MPI-issued Simply Safe and Suitable template (March 2017).

The online Food Control Plan reports  temperatures as per the Simply Safe and Suitable template. 


Identify your risks

Under normal conditions KeepCool collects the temperature of your units as often as every 3 minutes.

This allows to finely analayse and compare the behaviour of your units, and to identify potential issues, e.g. unreliable thermostat, too frequent defrost cycles, underperforming cooling unit.

This information provides a solid ground between yourself, your supplier of rented refrigerating units, and your maintenance technician, to discuss improvements and progress over time.


Alerts and reminders

Did you ever lose a fridge or a freezer and wished you could have received a TXT letting you know about the issue?

You can set up as many alerts as you wish, for any number of units, that will generate as many TXTs you care for.

Examples of alerts you can set up:

  • The temperature of your main fridge was above 8ºC for 30 minutes,
  • The temperature of your display cabinet was above 10ºC for more than 5 minutes,
  • The temperature of your milk fridge remained below -5ºC for 30 minutes at a time.

You can decide when they are triggered:

  • During business hours,
  • After business hours,
  • On specific days,
  • Between specific times.

You can delegate the resolution of any issues to your staff members or third party, by sending TXT alerts to any number of recipients. 

The TXT alert is a concise and clear message that contains the name of the unit, the name of the premises, the nature of the alert, and the date and time the detection occured. Another TXT is sent when things are back to normal.